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What is Immunology ?

 What is Immunology ? Answer-We recognize that the immune system is an integrated network of cells, molecules, and organs, and that each component relies on the rest to function properly. The detail study of these immune system and related cells called Immunology. What is the meaning of immunology? Answer-T he Latin term immunis , meaning "exempt," is the source of the English word immunity, a state of protection from infectious disease. What is the role of immunology? Answer- Role of immunology is to clean up our body from infectious particles by fighting them with the help of certain immune system cells.  What does an immunologist do? Answer- Actually mmunologist find out the actual mechanism of fighting immune cells to the foreign particles ,how immune cells work, how immune system keep our body free from our diseases. What are the branches of immunology? Answer- 1.Classical immunology 2.Clinical immunology 3.Computational immunology 4.Diagnostic immunology 5.Evolution

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